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Our Service

Tasman Park Children Centre

Jacqui Wakefield is the Owner of Tasman Park Children’s Centre and as such is responsible for the duties as the Approved Provider.

Jacqui Wakefield is the Nominated Supervisor of the service and is responsible for the everyday operation of Tasman Park. This includes ensuring the implementation of all policies and the National Quality Standards are adhered to by all staff.

Kylie Graff is the Educational Leader. As Educational leader Kylie is responsible for following the EYLF curriculum and leading staff in the implementation of this curriculum.


In Jacqui’s absence there will be a “Responsible Person" for the service to manage the day. The “Responsible Person” on duty is displayed with a  staff photo.


Tasman Park Children’s Centre is  staffed with a minimum of 2 primary Educators with two assistant Educators if operating at capacity. Our Educators work 8 hours per day for continuity of care.


There are 3 groups operating throughout the Centre they include; Blue group 4-5 yrs, Red group 3-4yrs and Green group 2-3yrs. Each child has a primary Educator who will be responsible for your child’s needs and developmental programming.


This Educator will be your main contact person to liaise with concerning your child. You will be introduced to your primary Educator during your orientation into the service. Please speak to the primary Educator to pass on information or to ask questions regarding your child’s wellbeing.


These groups operate both independently and in conjunction with each other during the day. Tasman Park follows the Early Years Learning Framework, and abides by The National Quality Framework Regulations, Laws and Procedures.


Within our day there is time for the children to play independently and interact with friends and educators to explore their environment through various mediums and experiences.


Our program, is accessible through the Xplor website and each group posts a daily reflection of the children's play. Policies and quality improvement plan are also available for parents to read on the parent shelves. If you would like to make comments or suggestions for any of these areas, you may leave comments through your Xplor app or write them on the forms provided and place in the fees box.


We have routine times for children to feel comfortable and confident by becoming familiar with the flow of the day. Mealtimes are a happy social time together, followed by a quiet time on beds providing an opportunity for children to sleep or rest.


Transitional and group times are an opportunity for Educators and children to enjoy music through song and dance, games and language experiences. We welcome parent involvement into our Centre and encourage parents to contribute to our program. Please speak to your child’s Educator at handover to keep them informed of any concerns or changes for your child’s care, you can do this through your "momments"  button on the Xplor app or you may like to put it in writing and place in the fees box. We ask that you inform us of any changes in your family’s circumstances, so we can maintain accurate information at all times.

Tasman Park Children’s Centre is a 28 place centre catering for children between 2 – 5 years.

Our operating hours are 8am–4pm Monday – Friday. Please ensure you arrive between 8am and 4pm as we are not licensed outside these hours.


The Centre will close for 2 weeks over the Christmas holidays. Dates will be advised in our newsletter.


Families visiting Tasman Park will be advised regarding availability of days, a start date and tailoring an orientation process to suit the needs of the family and child.

Families are informed of the Priority of Access Policy, and have their position assessed as to how they place within this system. Any matters that are sensitive of nature, such as discussing a child’s medical needs or Court Orders, will be discussed privately in the office.


Parents will need to complete an online enrolment form before their child will be able to begin at Tasman Park Children’s Centre. Any additional information pertaining to the child which does not fit on the enrolment form will be accepted by email or in person and kept in the child’s folder.

Should a child speak English as a second language, we request that families provide us with some key words in the language the child speaks at this time so Educators can assist in meeting the child’s needs. We will also source translation services if required.

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