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Information and Forms




Waiting List:

  • If you would like to put your child on the waiting list,  complete the online form by clicking on the waiting list button above.

  • When a vacancy becomes available you will be offered a place and sent a link with the online enrolment form.

  • When the enrolment form has been received you will be sent out an enrolment package.


  • Parents will need to complete an online enrolment form before their child will be able to begin at Tasman Park Children’s Centre.  The enrolment form link will be sent to you when we have availability on the days you require. Any additional information pertaining to the child which does not fit on the enrolment form will be accepted by email or in person and kept in the child’s folder. Please ensure all documents including birth certificates and immunisation records are uploaded to ensure a smooth completion of your enrolment. Any Court Orders in place for custody arrangements must be provided to Tasman Park.

  • Tasman Park Children’s Centre uses Xplor for our administration, fees and online program with observations. You will need to download the “Xplor home app” and set up your account. Correspondence including termly newsletters will be accessed through the admin posts or through email.

  • ​Families will be  informed of the Priority of Access Policy, and have their position assessed as to how they place within this system. Any matters that are sensitive of nature, such as discussing a child’s medical needs or Court Orders, will be discussed privately in the office. 

  • You will need to pay the enrolment  cost to hold your child's place,

  • The  refundable bond will also need to be paid before your child can commence.

Enrolment costs:    

  • Enrolment and Administration fee $150.00

  • Bond   Refundable with 2 weeks notice given $100.00

  • Total $250.00

Payments to:

       Tasman Park Children’s Centre

       Commonwealth Bank: BSB: 062762 Account number: 10058160

       Please reference with your child’s name.

  • Tasman Park has Eftpos facilities, direct deposit using net banking or you are able to set up an Xpay payment from the Xplor home app which is our preferred payment option.

  • Fee payment statements can be accessed through the Xplor home app or emailed when requested.

  • Payment must be electronically as mandated by the Department of Education


Fees are currently $105 per day with CCS. 

Fees must be kept 1 week in advance at all times.

Please note: To ensure bond is refunded, two weeks notice must be given when your child leaves or reduces days at Tasman Park, failure to do so we result in forfeit of bond.


We are not able to give makeup days if your child is unable to attend if they are sick, holidays or Public holidays. Public holidays are charged for at your normal rate.

  • Please contact the Centre for up to date daily fee information.


Priority of Access:

Guidelines set by the Department of Education and Communities set out the following three levels of priority, which Tasman Park Children’s Centre must follow when filling vacant places:

  • Priority 1:         a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect


  • Priority 2:      a child of a single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the work/training/study test under                                section 14 of the A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999


  • Priority 3:     any other child


Within these main categories, priority should also be given to the following children:

  • Children in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

  • Children in families which include a disabled person

  • Children in families which include an individual whose adjusted taxable income does not exceed the lower income threshold or who’s partner are on income support

  • Children in families from a non-English speaking background

  • Children in socially isolated families

  • Children of single parents

Child Care Subsidy 

You will need to contact the Department of Human Services Centrelink Office online through myGov or call 136150 to find out your childcare Subsidy (CCS) entitlements and obtain a Customer Reference Number (CRN).  Ask “to be assessed for CCS as your child is starting childcare”.

You will also need to link your CCS entitlements through your myGov account to access Child Care Subsidy.


After you have downloaded the Xplor home app, please go the helmet (bottom right hand corner of your screen), click on Finance, then view CWA Agreement. Please ensure all information is correct and then “agree”.  This will then submit your CCS claim through to Centrelink.

 You must then go back into your mygov account and confirm your application for CCS at Tasman Park Children’s Centre.

For information and support, please click here:

Your child can not commence at our service until you provide us with a fully completed online enrolment form and downloaded the Xplor home app and created a profile and linked with CCS. If you are having issues connecting to CCS you must pay full fees until you are linked.

You will need to include:

Child’s CRN, birth certificate, and current Immunisation record. Immunisation must be kept up to date or your child may lose their position at the Centre and will stop receiving CCS from Centrelink.

Parent/Guardian CRN, birth certificate or other proof of date of birth.

These records are retained by the centre. Please nominate which parent/ guardian is registered for CCS


Families must complete  the enrolment form as soon as possible before the child commences at the Centre. This allows Educators to collect background information so we can accommodate the child's needs for their first day of enrolment. Parents are asked to communicate how they would like to settle their child into the Centre on their enrolment form.

We will try and accommodate families so that children from the same family can attend our Service. This will be carried out in line with our obligations under the Priority of Access Policy.

We will ensure all details are finalised and complete the Orientation Checklist.

Parents will be asked if they have read and understand:

  • Enrolment Information 

  • First aid contents list

  • Infectious disease exclusion criteria (N.S.W. Health)

  • Cancer Council sun smart information


Tasman Park Children’s Centre uses Xplor for our online program, observations. You will need to download the

“Xplor home app.” and set up your account. Correspondence including termly newsletters will able to be accessed through the admin posts or through email. Through the Xplor app you are able to see your child's learning experiences, observations, finance, health and bookings.

Please send absent notices or requests for extra days through the booking tab in the Xplor app.


For information and support, please click here: 

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